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Reporter: Mychaela Bruner
Photographer: Justin Jones

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CALLOWAY COUNTY, Ky—We have continuing coverage on the housing crunch at a local university. Today was move-in day for students at Murray State. Students have been gearing up to move-in to residential colleges all summer, while faculty has been preparing for the steep increase of students wanting to live on campus.

With one of the main halls being closed for renovations, Murray State faculty was worried about the housing situation. Murray State staff cut some deals with upperclassmen and loosened up their own rules in an effort to try to make everyone fit on campus.


Moving back to school is a familiar feeling for Murray State sophomore RA Addison Barlow.

Barlow said, “This year I kind of knew what to expect as a second year coming in. I was really excited to decorate the halls for my girls and make their door decorations.”

Barlow did just that because she said she wants everyone to feel welcome.

“Be there for them if they ever need anything. Help finding classes, help with finding Winslow and where to eat. The first couple days of school for incoming freshman are shaky,” said Barlow.

Move-in day can be stressful, but Murray State communications spokesperson Catherine Sivills said today went smoothly.

Sivills said, “First year freshman, which is so exciting. I love looking at the parent’s faces as they pull up. It’s excitement, but nerve wrecking.”

Murray State coordinator Tara Hawthorne is prepared with a plan to make the transition as easy as possible for the new students.

Hawthorne said “Programs that help the students become more calm. They’re kind of excited, nervous, overwhelmed. We want to give them some activities that will get them out there to meet students and to come out of their shells.”

Hawthorne said today was a day of new and great beginnings.



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