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While most of us greet the holiday season with joy, it’s also the time of year that plays host to unpleasant experiences like theft, break-ins and more. Here are some tips on how to stay protected and what to do if you find yourself in a less-than- cheerful situation.

Mail Theft

Online shopping can be very convenient, but it also comes with the risk of package theft. There are a few things you can do to help ensure the things you order make it into your home.

If you won’t be home when the package is supposed to arrive, have it sent to your office or somewhere else you know you’ll be. Or you can ask a trusted neighbor to keep an eye out for your package and to report suspicious activity. Also, keep tabs on your deliveries by tracking them online and through text and email alerts that some carriers provide. You can also request a signature confirmation to make sure what you ordered doesn’t end up with someone else.

If you realize or suspect that a theft has occurred, report it immediately to the police and the shipping company. And be a good neighbor by notifying others of the theft.

Car and Home Invasion

Burglaries and break-ins have sadly become a bit of a holiday tradition. So when it comes to your vehicle, lock the doors and keep valuable items hidden so as to not entice would-be thieves. Also, park your car in high-visibility areas, making it less appealing for someone to break into.

To protect your home from a burglary while you’re out shopping, appearances are everything. Consider an alarm system, and put a sign out front notifying would-be burglars of the system. Put inside and outside lights on a timer, and don’t hide a spare key, as thieves are experts at sniffing these out.

If you experience a home break-in, make sure everyone in your family is safe, don’t touch anything and leave your home in case somebody is still inside. Then call 911 immediately to report what happened. Also, contact your insurance provider to report damaged or missing items.holiday_shopping_2


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