Online Undergraduate Degree Programs

Business Administration

The business administration program prepares students for a variety of career opportunities. It provides students with a broad overall understanding of the different functional disciplines of business and prepares them for positions of responsibility in business organizations.

Computer Information Systems
  • The emphasis is on business computing. Students take all the business core classes (marketing, management, accounting) and enhance that education with a variety of programming courses commonly used in a wide variety of businesses. Inter-personal and group communication is stressed in most of the upper level classes. Students in this discipline are analysts – they analyze Business requirements, evaluate alternative technologies and present optimal solutions to Business managers. Their strength lies in their ability to apply state of the art technologies to help people become more productive.

    Hired by: Service industry, Manufacturing, and almost any organization that transacts business. Some have chosen to operate as independent contractors.
    Note: This is a Business degree. Like all Business programs in the College, the CIS program also has the distinction of being accredited by AACSB-International: The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.
    Contact: Stephanie Totty

    Phone: (270) 809-4196

Integrated Studies

This program is designed with working adult student in mind. It is a flexible degree that allows students to tailor their studies to meet their personal and career goals. Please contact one of our advisers for more information or visit the Integrated Studies website.

Online Fields of Study available:

  • Social Sciences
  • Arts & Humanities
  • Agricultural Studies
  • Communications
  • Human Services

Note: Online course schedules are subject to change. Not all courses are offered each semester. Consult your adviser or the online schedule of courses to determine online course availability. 

Contact: Marla Poyner


Phone: (270) 809-5322


Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Murray State University’s Logistics and Supply Chain Management Area is a program that prepares individuals to manage and coordinate the efficient flow of materials, products and information within and among organizations.

According to the United States Department of Labor, the Logistics and Supply Chain Management profession is expected to grow from 5 – 10% between 2010 and 2020 (

  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Transportation Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Logistics Analyst
  • Logistics Manager

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Contact: Stephanie Totty


Phone: (270) 809-4196


The RN BSN program assumes students have completed an Associate Degree in Nursing and hold state licensure prior to admission. Whether you want to enhance your leadership potential and skills, earn a promotion, or gain personal satisfaction, our CCNE accredited RN BSN program can help you achieve your goals. The purposes of the MSU RN BSN program are to: a) prepare a liberally educated individual; b) prepare a professional graduate who practices as a generalists, and c) prepare one who is qualified to pursue graduate study in nursing.  The convenience of Murray State’s program allows the working nurse to achieve professional and educational goals in a very reasonable accelerated time frame.

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Contact: Dr. Carol Murch


Phone: (270) 809-2718

Telecommunications Systems Management

Best-Buy-Comp-Sci-BachelorsThe Bachelor of Science in TSM online program is made possible by a transfer agreement between Murray State University and the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS). The Associate of Applied Science in Information Technology (AAS-IT) degree, delivered online by KCTCS, prepares students for completion of the program through Murray State University.

While the transfer agreement applies to traditional students attending classes on-campus, as well as to online students taking classes via the Internet, it allows for students to achieve their degree objective regardless of where they are located. The Kentucky Virtual University (KYVU) coordinates programs and assists online students across the state.

Contact: Phil Schooley


Phone: (270) 809-3925

Website: Visit online TSM web site.

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Online Graduate Degree Programs


The Hutson School of Agriculture offers Online Master of Science program degrees. The purpose of this degree is to provide an opportunity for professional agricultural personnel to obtain an education at the graduate level or to prepare for terminal degree work at the doctoral level.  Programs are available with an emphasis in Agribusiness Economics, Agriculture Education, Sustainable Agriculture, and with a certificate in Veterinary Hospital Management.

Click here to visit the Hutson School of Agriculture’s website.

For more information, e-mail

Business Administration (MBA)

Contact: Dr. Gerry Muuka


Phone: (270) 809-4190

Visit the MBA website for more information.

Human Development and Leadership

The Master of Science in Human Development and Leadership (HDL) is designed to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of human service professionals. Courses focus on understanding human development and how to apply that knowledge in leadership. You will be prepared to work in administration, program development and direct service positions in a wide range of settings. Our students will have the opportunity to refine skills and understandings in working with other professionals and the public.

This is a 33 hour program. The 21 core course hours provide a solid foundation of information and skills for anyone with leadership responsibilities. A concentration area of 12 hours expands the individuals’ knowledge in a career field based on current and/or future career goals.
The 21 hour core includes courses in leadership, group/team development, human development, diversity, research, legal/ethical issues, and interpersonal processes.  Each course focuses on application of information to you and to your leadership role.

NOTE: Concentrations in College Student Personnel, Youth and Non-Profit Leadership, and Public Administration may be available online depending on course schedules. Contact Dr. Susana Bloomdahl for more information.

Contact: Dr. Susana Bloomdahl


Phone: (270) 809-6471

Website:  Click here to visit the HDL website.

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Information Systems

The Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS)  prepares individuals for management careers in the vast and growing field of information systems. This field includes such diverse areas as software development, information management, data analysis, information security, information systems architecture, system planning and systems analysis, to name a few.

Contact: Solomon Antony
Phone: (270) 809-6211

Library Media (Education)
Program Overview:  The primary goal of the Library Media Program is to prepare graduate students for service as certified school library media specialists, grades P-12, but the courses available through the program may be applied in many contexts, including continuing education for librarians in all kinds of libraries, and for teachers.  The degree is open to applicants who are certified as teachers, and to those who do not have a teaching certificate.  For those who have already earned their first master’s degree, this program will qualify them for a rank change in addition to allowing them to obtain an actual degree that is much more likely to be recognized out-of-state.

The GRE is not required for admittance to the program, but initial certification students should either take the GRE with a minimum score of 400 in both the verbal and quantitative areas of the GRE, or  the PPST, with minimum scores of 173 in math and in reading and 172 in writing, for admission to teacher education.

NOTE: This program is 100% online expect for required practicum courses which must be completed at a school.

Total Course Requirements……………..34 hours

EDU 626 Integrating Educational Technology

EDU 633 Curriculum Development

EDU 639 Research to Improve Student Learning


LIB 600 Libraries and Education

LIB 620 Library Administration

LIB 630 Organizing and Managing Library Collections

LIB 640 Information Sources and Services

LIB 699 Exit Seminar in Library Media Education (2 hours)

Practical Teaching Experience


(Previously certified students seeking a library media certification take all 4 practicum classes. Students seeking initial certification take 3 out of the 4 classes. All practicum courses are one credit hour.)

LIB 626 Administration Practicum in Library Media

LIB 636 Cataloging Practicum in Library Media

LIB 646 21st Century Skills Practicum in Library Media

LIB 656 Technology Practicum in Library Media

Clinical Teaching Experience

(Student seeking initial certification only.)

LIB 613 Clinical Experience in Library Media

Limited Electives

(Limited to library media or library media related courses approved in advance by the student’s advisor.)

Other Degree Requirements

Successful completion of program portfolio. Students seeking initial certification in education (not currently certified in any educational area) must meet all requirements for admission to Teacher Education, including completing 200 hours of field experience, in compliance with 16 KAR 5:040 (3). Fifty of these hours will come from LIB 600, and the remaining 150 hours of field experience will come from 3 of the 4 practicum classes. In order to meet the requirements for admission to Teacher Education, students may be required to complete additional undergraduate coursework. Students seeking initial certification in education should consult with their advisor and the Director of Teacher Education for requirements.

Adviser Contact Information: Dr. Johan Koren


Phone: (270) 809-2760

Nonprofit Leadership

The Master of Science in Nonprofit Leadership Studies will provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to pursue a successful career in the nonprofit sector. The program consists of 36 semester hours. The core course content focuses on the full rage of organizational leadership roles, skills and management functions central to the successful pursuit of the public good missions across the nonprofit sector. Twelve hours of elective courses will be chosen as a Concentration Area to deepen the individual’s knowledge and skills in a focused area of nonprofit organization leadership and development.

Contact: Dr. Peter Weber


Phone: (270) 809-3079

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Occupational Safety and Health with an Emphasis in Safety Management

The Masters of Science (MS) degree in Occupational Safety and Health prepares individuals for leadership careers. This program is designed for those already working in the field and is especially applicable for those who have a Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational Safety and Health or a closely related field. The ABET accredited online degree program is equivalent to the on-campus program.

The admission application deadline for each cohort that begins in August is June 30th of that year.

For more information regarding prerequisites, admission requirements, tuition cost and other questions, please contact Dr. David Fender, Program Coordinator at (270) 809-6651 or


Contact: Dr. David Fender


Phone: (270) 809-6651

Organizational Communication

Our graduate programs in Organizational Communication instill the intangible qualities that employers are looking for in managers, training managers, sales representatives, human resource executives, non-profit administrators, and more.  Upon graduation, our students leave our department with exceptional knowledge and “real world” application in team building, conflict negotiation, organizational leadership, organizational hierarchy, managerial strategies, training and development and persuasion techniques (sales). Students acquire skills for assessing communication problems, designing communication systems, and improving communication quality. Our program provides a versatile career path, while arming students with the essential skills every professional needs to excel in the business and non-profit arenas.


Contact: Dr. Frances Smith


Phone: (270) 809-3179

Public Administration (MPA)

Contact: Dr. James Clinger


Phone: (270) 809-2706

Earn your MPA online in 12 months!

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Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)  The program is designed for working professionals and others whose commitments require off-campus, part-time graduate study. One to two online classes are offered per term. Courses and all other program requirements may be completed online.

Contact: Dr. Latricia Trites


Phone: (270) 809-4721

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Telecommunications Systems Management (TSM)

Contact: Dr. George Rice


Phone: (270) 809-6216

Website: Visit our website for more information.

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Online Graduate & Post Master’s Nursing Programs

Master of Science in Nursing - Academic Nurse Educator Option

Admission to this program is currently closed. 

The Academic Nurse Educator (ANE) is an advanced nursing practice specialist with a concentration in the facilitation of learning. Emphasis is placed on the facilitation of learner development and socialization, assessment and evaluation strategies, as well as curriculum design and evaluation of program outcomes. The ANE is prepared to function within the educational environment as a change agent and leader, who engages in teaching, scholarship, research, service, and quality improvement in the nurse educator role.

The ANE option offers full time as well as part time schedules. The curriculum prepares the student to write the NLN Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) exam. The ANE option is taught 100% on-line with the exception of the practica and can be completed either full-time or part-time.

Contact: Dina Byers


Phone: (270) 809-6223

Please visit the Academic Nurse Educator website for more information. Please note that this program may require one or two campus meetings.

Master of Science in Nursing - Clinical Nurse Specialist Option

Admission to this program is currently closed. 

The Clinical Nurse Specialist is an advanced practice nurse with a concentration in a selected area of clinical nursing. Emphasis is placed on the management, support, and coordination of the care of acutely and critically ill adult patients with episodic illness or acute exacerbation of chronic illness within the context of advanced standards of practice and professional performance. The CNS influences outcomes of client care, nursing personnel activities, and the organizational environment. The CNS is prepared to function as an expert practitioner, educator, researcher, consultant and leader within a variety of settings.

Contact: Dina Byers


Phone: (270) 809-6223

Please visit the Clinical Nurse Specialist website for more information. Please note that this program may require one or two campus meetings.

BSN to Doctor of Nursing Practice

Two specialties are offered within the Doctor of Nursing Practice program: Family Nurse Practitioner, and Nurse Anesthetist. The program is a three-year, full-time program with 79 credit hours.

This is a hybrid program. Core courses are taught online with specialty courses delivered in a traditional face-to-face format at Regional Medical Center, Madisonville, Kentucky or St. Claire Medical Center, Morehead, Kentucky.  The program duration is 36 months with classes scheduled year round.

Contact: Dina Byers


Phone: (270) 809-6223

Visit the DNP website for more information. 

Post Master's to Doctor of Nursing Practice

The post-master’s DNP program will be a two-year, part-time program with 38 credit hours. This program is for MSN-DNP students who are already Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs).

Students must attend Murray’s main campus once a semester for a mandatory orientation. 

Contact: Dina Byers


Phone: (270) 809-6223

Visit the DNP website for more information. 

Online Certificate Programs

Human Development and Leadership

The Human Development and Leadership Certificate program is designed for individuals working in positions such as administrative, program development, or direct services positions in a wide range of settings. This certificate will provide additional information and skills for those with leadership responsibilities or for those wanting to move toward assuming a greater leadership role. The four courses focus on the self (HDL660), working with diverse individuals and cultures (HDL670), developing an understanding of and how to utilize assessments in non-clinical settings (HDL675), and understanding the process of working in and with groups (HDL692).

Contact: Dr. Susana Bloomdahl


Phone: (270) 809-6471

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Professional Writing

The Graduate Certificate in Professional Writing is designed to complement traditional, disciplinary graduate and professional degree programs. The Certificate program’s objectives are to provide students with opportunities to enhance writing and critical thinking abilities, understand cultural and rhetorical influences on writing situations and genres, and study and practice of rhetoric and discourse in professional and technical environments. The Certificate program is offered online through the Blackboard system at Murray State University and can be completed in one year.

Contact: Paul Walker


Phone: (270) 809-4533

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Nonprofit Leadership Studies

The youth and nonprofit field is growing rapidly with the number of nonprofits now over 2,000,000. This indicates a 30% growth in the last decade alone. With this growth, and in order to meet the demands of those interested in community service and non-profit work, it is imperative that leaders in the field have an avenue for additional preparation. Leaders in the youth and nonprofit field often have degrees representing a broad spectrum of disciplines, including but not limited to psychology, sociology, business, recreation, organizational communication and others. Too few have degrees that are focused on the specific competencies necessary for success in the youth and human service field. This certificate focuses on these competencies and will strengthen leadership skills and programs addressing many community needs in the region.

Contact: Dr. Peter Weber


Phone: (270) 809-3079

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Online Education Certificates and Endorsements

ESL Certificate Endorsement For Kentucky Teachers

Murray State University TESOL program is pleased to announce web-based course offerings for Kentucky teachers wishing to earn an ESL certificate endorsement. Education professionals who hold Kentucky teaching certification may seek an ESL certificate endorsement through courses offered by the Murray State University MA in TESOL program.

Contact: Dr. Latricia Trites


Phone: (270) 809-4721

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Gifted and Talented Endorsement for Kentucky Teachers

The mission of the Center for Gifted Studies is the promotion of excellence in the area of Gifted Education through the preparation and supervision of teachers and providing services to gifted students and their families.

Contact: Echo Wu


Phone: (270) 809-2539

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Instructional Computer Technology Certificate Endorsement for Kentucky Teachers

The Instructional Computer Technology Endorsement (P-12) prepares P-12 certified teachers to infuse technology into their own teaching and to assume positions of leadership in the instructional computer technology use in their schools and districts. Program participants learn how to develop more effective instruction with appropriately infused technology so that all students can learn at higher levels. They develop the skills and dispositions of reflective decision-makers through an endorsement program that prepares them to assess and identify instructional computer technology opportunities in their teaching, to develop technology-infused instruction, and to reflect on and refine the impact of their instruction. Courses can be taken specifically for the endorsement or for the specialization portion of a masters or rank program.

Contact: Dr. Johan Koren


Phone: (270) 809-2760

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Human Resource Re-Certification Hours

Murray State has earned the designation of being a Pre-Approved Provider for HRCI re-certification. Your re-certification efforts are easier than ever before. Starting in Summer 2013, you will be able to earn credits for PHR, SPHR, or GPHR. Many course options will be available 100% online. Not only will you be able to earn 20 re-certification credits per course, but you will also be able to earn college credit that could count towards a degree!

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Online Non-Credit Programs

Please visit this website for a listing of online non-credit career training programs. We also offer a 7-week online GRE test prep program.

Note: financial aid cannot be used for non-credit programs.